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Judged by: Mike Kriesel



"This is a Test" by Jim Landwehr
Waukesha, WI

In a way, the stunning misheard sentences embedded in this poem almost compensate the subject for his hearing loss. –M.K.

RUNNER-UPS $100  (in alphabetic order):

"Into Her Jewel-Studded Owl-Shaped Purse"

by Katharyn Howd Machan
Ithaca, NY

This piece's feel for fairy-tale detail adds a greater impact to its real-world ending. –M.K.


"I Never Loved You More"

by Annette Opalczynski

New Castle, DE

The sculpted path of this poem's story leads us to an ending rich with layered heartbeats, resonating. –M.K.


"An All-American Game"

by Mark Zimmermann

Milwaukee, WI

While the media relates each daily detail of our sports teams, this poem imagines what it might be like if poets received the same degree of attention. –M.K.

Honorable Mentions:

"The Institute" -- Kathryn Gahl, Appleton, WI

"Walking Blackhawk Island in May with Lorine Niedecker" Ronnie Hess, Madison, WI

"Troubles" -- Jeri McCormick, Madison, WI

"My Life as a Topps 1969 Baseball Card" -- James Roberts, Madison, WI

"Plum" -- Sarah Rose Thomas, Coleman, WI