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Voice Over by Rod Clark

 16 Year Cupcake

Send your Birthday Wishes to Rosebud!


"Citizen Kane said 'Rosebud' when he was dying.  I say 'Rosebud' while I am alive and 'Rosebud' is fully alive and will hopefully continue for many years to come.  Happy 15th birthday!"


Ray Bradbury


"Fifteen Years!  It amazes me that Rosebud continues to showcase great contemporary writing without the financial support enjoyed by University funded literary journals."


Stephen King


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Rob Mariani   |10-24
My story, "Eddy of the Velvet Kisses," was one of the first stories you
published back in (YOW!) 1994!
I was as proud and honored then as I am now with
your publication of my story, "Persistence of Memory."
Rose  - writer/teacher   |11-07
Happy Birthday -- from
Tamara (Cook) Dever  - Happy Birthday!!!   |01-04
I recently found my premiere issue of Rosebud and am thrilled to know that
you're still around and thriving. Rod, I can truly say, "I knew you when

Congrats and keep it going!
Peter Nettleton  - Mr.   |12-29
Happy 15th birthday to all who have brought me so much reading pleasure. And
happy holidays* as well!

*the greeting formerly known as "Merry
Laura Treacy Bentley  - A breath of fresh air   |09-14
Happy 15th birthday, Rosebud! I wish you 15 more years of amazing covers
literary success.
Erica Naone  - Congratulations!   |07-09
I've been a subscriber for 7 years now--nearly half the time Rosebud has been
running. Please keep doing what you do. All the best,

Erica Naone
Amy L Jenkins  - 15 years and support to writers--thanks for helpin   |06-10
I recall when I first picked up Rosebud. I read words that were "fully
alive" and I said "I want to get published in Rosebud." My first
submission came back with a note "keep writing." My second submission
to the XJ Kennedy prize ( Close to Home )won a HM and cash prize and I got to
see my words along side of other great poems, essays, and stories. That essay
was a part of a book project that will be published next year by Holy Cow!
Press. Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open-Air Parenting.
( Rosebud has been an important part of my reading and writing
life. Thank you!

Amy Lou Jenkins
J.T. Ledbetter   |04-05
Congratulaions one 15 years of publishing truly fine poems and stories, and for
surrounding them with cheeky art and glamorous design all at the same time! A
beautiful magazine!

J.T. Ledbetter
Toni Wilkes  - Put another candle!   |03-05
An amazing publication that knocks us out with "jump off the page"
content. I salute the incredible dedication, energy, and imagination involved in
gifting us all with a first rate publication.
A Very Happy Birthday!
Eric   |01-31
Congratulations on 15 Years! What an accomplishment.

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